The idea of the festival

We wish to present the beautiful and highly diversified music and culture of all ethnic groups that co-created the inimitable tradition of our villages. This will be a folk festival presenting the heritage of four cultures: the Wallachian culture (founders of our Ochotnica village back in the fifteenth century), the Highlanders’ culture (Polish shepherds’ culture that developed on the basis of the Wallachian culture), the Jewish culture (the Jews lived in our villages from the sixteenth century to 1942) and the Romani culture (the Romani arrived at the end of the nineteenth century).

All ethnic groups lived here in harmony, respecting each other’s values and customs, cooperating  each other.

In 2016 we celebrate the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Ochotnica village and 680th anniversary of the Tylmanowa village. This is the best time to show all the wealth of history and culture of Ochotnica and Tylmanowa. The villages differ in age and origins. The older Tylmanowa was founded under the German law by Piotr Tylman. Ochotnica was founded by Wallachian shepherds who arrived here from the Balkans, drawing on the way on the culture of other peoples of the Carpathian region. The founder of Ochotnica was Dawid Wołoch. Both villages also have a common denominator: as neighboring villages they were located at the contact point of cultures and thus they were multicultural.

Ochotnica Village

Tylmanowa_stare zdjecie_jpg
Tylmanowa Village