By creating the identification (logo) of the Free Republic of Ochotnica (Polish title: Wolna Republika Ochotnicka, WRO) we decided to go back to the history of the Ochotnica village. It had its crest documented in history, as clearly exposed by dr Stanisław Czajka on the cover of the book entitled Ochotnica. Dzieje wsi gorczańskiej 1416-1986 (Ochotnica. History of the Gorce village 1416-1986).
The crest of the Ochotnica village was “the eye of providence,” a symbol of an eye surrounded by rays of light or glory enclosed in a triangle. This mark is interpreted as the symbol of God's eye watching over people. Most often it is a pictogram made up of an open eye inscribed in an isosceles triangle, with rays visible from its sides.

Unfortunately, this crest has been forgotten and many residents of Ochotnica are not aware of its existence. We decided to bring it back to the public awareness while creating the WRO logo. There are three forms of a seal with the “eye of providence” known as the crest of Ochotnica: dated 1832, 1861 and later forms from the end of the nineteenth century. The WRO logo refers to the last known form of the seal of the Ochotnica village from the end of the nineteenth century.

ochotnica- gwiazda dawida1

You can even find the original envelopes from the beginning of the twentieth century which bear the above presented seal of the gmina district of Ochotnica. Below there is an official letter of 1906 sent on 24 September by the Authority of the Gmina District of Ochotnica to Krościenko. “Nicely stamped grille postmark. What is noticeable is the effective seal of the gmina district.”