Our mission

Certificate of Incorporation of the Foundation.

Our mission: “Discovering, cultivating and promoting the history, culture and traditions, as well as caring for the development of villages forming the Gmina District of Ochotnica Dolna, including Ochotnica Górna, Ochotnica Dolna and Tylmanowa”

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • Discovering, cultivating and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of Poland, with particular emphasis on the villages forming the Gmina District of Ochotnica Dolna, including Ochotnica Górna, Ochotnica Dolna and Tylmanowa.
  • Studying, discovering and promoting the history of the creation and existence of guerrilla republic known as the Free Republic of Ochotnica during the Second World War.
  • Examining and commemorating the victims of the Second World War, in particular victims of the “Bloody Christmas Eve,” the pacification of the Ochotnica Dolna village, the operation of the Jewish community liquidation, and the fallen guerillas.
  •  Educational activities regarding Polish history and culture, and national minorities in Poland and their contribution to the building of Polish culture and statehood.
  • Activities to promote understanding between nations, cultures, ethnic groups and religions.
  • Taking actions aimed at the protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Poland and, in particular, the local community of the Gmina District of Ochotnica Dolna.
  • Studying, preserving and cultivating local dialects, the so-called gwara.
  • Caring for public space and promoting architectural solutions based on the models of traditional local buildings.
  • Bearing in mind all the victims of totalitarian regimes, taking measures to prevent any manifestations of xenophobia, racism, chauvinism, fascism and all forms of totalitarianism and discrimination on any grounds.
  • Preparing and conducting educational and research projects in the field of development of Polish and European democracy, history and culture.
  • Activation of local community with regard to building self-governance and supporting the development of local and national democracy in Europe and around the world.
  • Activities for the education, professional activation and integration of the Roma community.
  • Promoting a positive image of Poland abroad and preventing any manifestations of Polonophobia.
  • Building good Polish-Jewish relations and efforts to prevent any manifestations of anti-Semitism.
  • Natural environment preservation.
  • Development of tourism.
  • Development of entrepreneurship.
  • Development of traditional and ecological farming.
  • Promoting science and culture through financial support.
  • Creating own library.
  • Co-operation with all other organizations operating in the territory of Poland and abroad in order to accomplish the set objectives.