1st FESTIVAL FREE REPUBLIC OF OCHOTNICA 15th of August 2016 Ochotnica Górna, POLAND

1st Free Republic of Ochotnica Festival
Ochotnica Górna, 15 August 2016

Come to the Poland’s unique, one-of-a-kind folk festival of four cultures to Ochotnica, the most Polish of the Polish villages. At least, that’s what Father Józef Tischner said about us.

To celebrate the 600th anniversary of foundation of the Ochotnica village and the 680th anniversary of location of the neighbouring village of Tylmanowa we decided to organize one-of-a-kind festival that will present the beautiful and highly diversified music and culture of all ethnic groups that co-created the inimitable climate of our villages.

It will be a folk festival presenting the music of four cultures: the Balkan Wallachian culture (the Wallachians founded the Ochotnica village in 1416), the Highlanders’ culture (Polish shepherds’ culture that developed on the basis of the Wallachian culture), the Jewish culture (the Jews lived in our villages from the sixteenth century to 1942) and the Romani culture (the Romani arrived at the end of the nineteenth century).

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